Satanic Rites

from by Godless



(Cover Of Hellhammer)From"Ingredere In Templum Satanae" (2013)CD Out On Exalted Woe Records(U.S.A.).


Satanic Rites
Music And Lyrics: Tom G. Warrior

Satanic rites, satanic rites…

Virgin in moon’s shine
Can’t resist my lust!

The night controls my mind
Watch out, there’s something behind
Ignore her plead for mercy
And do my perverse deed!

Satanic rites, satanic rites…

I love the screams of children
I love to see ‘em hang!

They are so little and helpless
So I’ll do what I want
Come on you pretty girl
I know a silent place!

Satanic rites, satanic rites…

Be a good girl
And just do what I say!

I whip you ‘till you faint
I cut off your sweet, sweet legs
I fuck your helpless body
And bury it in the dirt!

Satanic rites, satanic rites…

I am just a human

I know what’s good or wrong
But when I feel the darkness
Ha! I’ll strangle them again!
Cos I’m an ordinary man!


from Ingredere In Templum Satanae, track released November 20, 2013
Gröfaz a.k.a. Asaradel: All Instruments & Vocals



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GODLESS is a Black Metal band from Sabana Grande, P.R.( U.S.A.) formed in the winter of 1989. GODLESS was the first Black Metal band of Puerto Rico & one of the first Black Metal bands from U.S.A. Apart from its music; GODLESS is very known because of its extremely violent and sick shows featuring self mutilation, verbal/visual blasphemy and animal carcasses on stage. New Album Out! ... more

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