Ingredere In Templum Satanae

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From"Ingredere In Templum Satanae" (2013)CD Out On Exalted Woe Records(U.S.A.).


Ingredere In Templum Satanae
Lyrics: Wednesday, June 8, 2011
Music: Tuesday, June 7, 2011
Main Vocals: Jenseits(Dark Tribe)
Chorus: Gröfaz A.k.a. Asaradel

Servus; Ingredere in templum Satanae
Draco maledicte et omnis legio diabolica!

Semper invicta!

Habeo claves mortis et inferni
Quiritatio; Vade retro Deu!

Semper invicta!

Ingredere in templum Satanae!

Gentes christianorum
ad morte perpetua, ad ira Satanus!

Potentiam Tuam!

Infinite Vis Obscuritas
Templum de ignis infernalis!

Semper invicta!

Ingredere in templum Satanae!


from Ingredere In Templum Satanae, track released November 20, 2013
Gröfaz a.k.a. Asaradel: All Instruments & Backing Vocals
Jenseits(Dark Tribe): Tortured Vocals



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