From"Ingredere In Templum Satanae" (2013)CD Out On Exalted Woe Records(U.S.A.).


Felo De Se
Lyrics by: Gröfaz Asaradel
Monday, August, 24, 2009
Main Vocals: Gröfaz A.k.a. Asaradel
Chorus: Jenseits(Dark Tribe)
Guest Guitar Solo: Bastiaan Brussaard(Sinister)

Sathanas ante portas! Nihil obstat….obstat!
Graviora manent! Ipse venena bibas!
Vos vereor Mortem! Rattus Iudaeorum!
Favete linguis….linguis! Caro putridas es…es!

Adsis mihi!
Ut apprehendant veram mortem…
Felo De Se!

Ego votum vestri nex; immunda parvulus!
Est peractio vestri vita per vestri verus manuum!
Cruorem, quem super terram quasi aquam effundes!
Ex omni tribu filiorum Israel!

Mea nil refert!
Ut apprehendant veram mortem…
Felo De Se!

I shall rise our cup of victory upon the lifeless scum
The shallow plague that we once called humanity!

Bellum omnium contra judaeorum
Ultra vires; ego semper fidelis, caput lupinum
Adorare qui habet mortis imperium; id est, diabolum!

Ego caput lupinum!
Ut apprehendant veram mortem…
Felo De Se!


from Ingredere In Templum Satanae, track released November 20, 2013
Gröfaz a.k.a. Asaradel: All Instruments & Vocals
Jenseits(Dark Tribe): Tortured Vocals
Bastiaan Brussaard(Sinister): Guest Guitar Solo



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